1. SUBJECT OF CONTRACT – With this contract the lessor rents the car to the lessee under the following conditions.
    The vehicle is given to the RENTER in a thorough technical condition and good appearance with the mandatory equipment required by the Traffic Police and the available equipment of the vehicle described in the provided for this places on the front of the contract. The LESSEE is obliged to return the car with all the documents and the same equipment delivered to him at the agreed time and place in the same condition. In the event of any remarks from the LESSEE, when accepting the vehicle, he / she may also place them on the front in the designated places.

    Failure to return the rented vehicle to the LESSEE for more than 24 hours from the date of expiry of the agreed period without informing the LESSOR is considered as assignment and the LESSOR informs the competent authorities (MoI and INSURANCE COMPANY) declares the vehicle and customer for a national search and retains all rights under this contract.

    Delays in returning the car are paid by the LESSOR at a rate specified in the price list.

    Damages caused by the LESSEE due to the illegal use of the vehicle (alcohol, drugs, participation in a competition, etc.) are entirely at the expense of the LESSEE.
    Damages caused by the LESSEE, for which he does not present a report from the Traffic Police, shall be borne entirely by the LESSEE.
    Liability in respect of third party damage if it is guiltily caused by the LESSEE is borne by him and he owes the amount paid by the insurance organization within the limitation period if the insurer’s Article 19 of the Ordinance on Compulsory Insurance.
    In case of loss, destruction or theft of a coupon or registration number of the car, the LESSEE pays their equivalence as well as forfeited lost profits in the amount of the rental price of the vehicle for a period of one day due to the inability of the vehicle to be used until the registration numbers coupon.
    In case of loss, destruction or theft of a key, the LESSEE owes its equivalent.
    In case of damages caused by the LESSEE, the removal of which requires the stay of the vehicle in service, the LESSOR is entitled to claim 100% of the rental price of the vehicle for the period of stay as a missed benefit.
    Costs of using roadside assistance, such as making repairs or improvements on the vehicle without the LESSOR’s knowledge, are not redeemed.
    The rental price of the car is determined on the basis of the usage charge for one day, determined in a tariff, an integral part of the contract, according to the rental period. It is payable upon receipt of the vehicle.
    The LESSEE is obliged to pay a deposit at the amount specified in the Tariff upon signing the contract.
    The deposit is a guarantee for the vehicle and can not be used for payment upon extension of the contract. After returning the vehicle and performing a check based on the data entered on the front of the contract, the deposit is released. If minor deficiencies or failures are found, and if the car is returned without fuel or less than agreed, the value of the vehicle is deducted from the deposit.
    In case of damages, for which the LESSEE submits a report from the Traffic Police, the deposit shall be retained until the insurer has paid the damages.
    In case of damages, for which the LESSEE fails to submit a report from the Traffic Police, they shall be withheld from the deposit.
    In case of damages exceeding the deposit amount, for which the LESSEE fails to present a report from the Traffic Police or the police authorities, the LESSOR has the right to seek their full security.
    5.1. THE LESSOR is responsible for damages caused to the LESSOR or third party
    persons resulting from a technical malfunction of the provided vehicle,
    established by an independent automotive expertise. Costs associated with
    the performance of the expertise is entirely at the expense of the guilty party.
    The LESSEE undertakes three inability to give him
    car rental to continue the concluded contract by fault of
    The LESSEE, to replace the LESSEE within 24 hours for
    account of the company.

    The LESSEE is obliged to:
    (a) to use the vehicle as intended and to handle it with the care of a good owner;
    6} upon the occurrence of an accident, damage or failure to take all necessary measures to rescue, reduce and / or reduce damage to the rented vehicle.
    c) in the event of an accident, damage to the vehicle, other than minor incidents – to comply with the requirements of the APS and the Rules of its application regarding the drafting of PROTOCOLS and other documents. Within 24 hours from the occurrence of the damage / accident, but not later than the expiration of the term of the contract, the LESSEE shall notify the LESSOR for this, and shall also communicate all facts, circumstances and data (witness names, etc.) in liaison with it, as well as to provide full assistance to the LESSOR and the insurance company to clarify the incident and the damages caused.
    The LESSEE has no right:
    (a) use the vehicle to tow other vehicles or trailers, and participate in competitions, trainings, drills, trials; to carry large bulk and other loads;
    (b) drive the vehicle in a drunk state or after using drugs or drugs;
    (c) transfer the vehicle to third parties or use it for international journeys;
    d) leave the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria with the rented car without the express agreement of the LESSOR.
    The LESSEE must have a regular driving license for more than three years.
    In case of violation of the provisions of item 5.1. – 5.3 .. as a result of which damages have been incurred, full compensation is due.
    The LESSEE agrees that his personal data described in the contract should be used to seek criminal and civil liability

In case of technical problems, accident or theft, contact us at 089 841 59 76; 088 412 41 70

Amounts for minor emergency repairs committed by the company for which they have given their consent are redeemed upon presentation of an official invoice.

In case of accident or theft, seek the assistance of the Competent Authorities and require the necessary documents to be issued.

Required Phones: 112

Customer’s notice when renting the car:

The car is equipped with:
spare tire, jack and key, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, triangle, alarm.

1. The client bears full responsibility for damages and damages caused by exceeding or
inappropriate speed, as well as full financial responsibility for damages under
tires and rims of the car.
2.Replacing the car with a delay of more than one hour is charged 1/2 fare Delay over three hours is charged the entire daily rate. A delay of more than 24 hours, without the Company having been notified in advance by the Customer, is charged as follows: rent for overdue days + another daily rate. The car is declared a national search for the police and the insurance company.
3. Uncharged gasoline shall be paid by the customer in cash or deducted from the deposit. The company does not recover additional gasoline.
4. All services at work or overtime are paid in advance according to the applicable price list.
5. Upon premature return of the rented vehicle, a daily rate is deducted from the refund amount.